Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Relax.
R-events plans meetings with high environmental standards — and down to earth solutions.

These days, many companies and corporations are searching for ways to help the environment. The easiest way we can think of is to partner with us when planning your meetings and events. We offer Green Meeting solutions as a reflection of your commitment to environmental responsibility. Here’s an overview of the steps we can take to minimize the environmental impact of your next event.

Reduce waste.

By using paperless technology to communicate meeting strategies, we can reduce the amount of solid waste produced by the event. We also encourage the use of tiny, reusable USB sticks in place of binders. We print smaller, handheld mini protocols to use as quick reference guides, and offer online registration to replace registration by mail or fax. There are also many ways we can reduce energy and water consumption at your meetings and events. We’ll work with hotels to turn off lights when meeting rooms aren’t occupied, and offer bottled water only on request, providing pitchers of water as a green alternative. We’ll also dispose of non-recyclable solid and liquid waste in an environmentally responsible manner, and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals at or for the event.

Re-use and Recycle materials.

Guests may return plastic name badges and inserts for recycling after meetings are complete. We’ll also recycle any unused plastics or leftover meeting papers, and provide recycling bins at the exits for each function.

Relax with Green vendors.

When available, we’ll take extra care to source Green minded vendors for your event. Our goals include minimizing or offsetting harmful emissions resulting from vehicular transportation and energy consumption associated with the event, using non stop flights when available and within budget, and combining airport transfers to reduce emissions….