Renowned for excellence in medical meetings.
Discover our formula for stress-free event planning. What makes us different? We follow protocol — and we also understand it.

Go ahead, test us: CRO, CRA, FDA, AE, SAE — we understand the lingo. And we’re not afraid to use it. We are familiar with all the phases of the Clinical Trial process — including the one where you’re ready to pull your hair out. Even if you do have a drug for that, we’ll make sure it’s not necessary. We partner with medical professionals, Clinical Research Organizers, and pharmaceutical companies to plan outstanding medical meetings that give our clients more time to focus on research and development. R-Events employees have a best in class understanding among pharmaceutical meeting planners for their knowledge of PhRMA Ethics Codes, ABPI Codes of Practice, and GCP/ICH EU Directives.

Perhaps more importantly, we understand how to make meetings more interactive and comfortable for participants, predicting the needs of our clients before they even ask. (Yes, we remembered to bring headache medicine.) We specialize in strategically planning Investigator Meetings and Monitor Meetings, special niches among pharmaceutical meetings with their own unique sets of requirements. Our Meeting Planners are knowledgeable about every aspect of clinical trials and investigator meetings. We suggest ideas to increase attendance, provide excellent audio/visual support, ensure information is conveyed clearly to doctors and nurses, and help pharmaceutical companies reach goals for enrolling as many participants as possible. We even suggest interactive ideas to increase knowledge retention from meetings. Click here to learn more about our Medical meeting services. Or give us a call to start the Qualifications Phase.